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      Product List
      Strip and Foil Tube Bar Profile and Wire Aluminium and Magnesium Powder
      Contect US
      Tel: 86-931-8803682 8829966
      Fax: 86-931-8827494
      Mail: [email protected]
      Add: Rm2501 Dongta Bldg,No.5 Qingyang Rd, Lanzhou City,Gansu Porvince, China
      Code: 730030
      During the last 30 years or experience, Northw- est Aluminium Fabrication Plant, built up in North-W- estern China , has established it self as a big supplier of qualified products in large amount to both domestic and overseas customers. With 53,760 tons of annual output and perfect technique- s, the plant has made considerable progress and effect in technical development and improvement in recent years , as well in introducing , digesting and assimilating of world advanced techniques.
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      Tel:86–931–8829966, Fax:8827494, Email:[email protected]
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